At ironmass we are growing as you, our attendees, do. In other words, our coaches are seasoning alongside you, while you go through the training course. Because regardless of how many years of experience a coach might have, there’s always a room for growth. Namely, getting each specific new attendee to his or her top shape adds some “achievement points” to coaches own skills.

Our coaches and athletes are people who take both fitness and the CrossFit seriously. We want you to make tangible progress at the GYM! We always push even our own coaches to max out their knowledge, skills and strength.

We achieve that by constantly upgrading our criteria of physical assessment, programs design, and nutrition.  We see CrossFit as an evolving journey of the body and mind! In our view, CrossFit workouts help to connect mind, body, and spirit.

This fitness journey leads to the discovery of purpose in life, of a better way of life…